CSA & Farm Stand

Farm Stand News

The Pfeiffer Center has teamed up with the Fellowship Community’s Duryea Farm to offer an expanded weekly farm stand at the Hand & Hoe, 241 Hungry Hollow Rd., Chestnut Ridge, NY.

Every Friday from noon to 5:00pm, stop by the Hand & Hoe for fresh-picked, biodynamically raised produce and herbs grown in the fields and gardens of the Pfeiffer Center and Duryea Farm. A farmer will be on hand to assist you.

Before or after shopping at the Farm Stand, be sure to stop upstairs for fresh bread, granola, Duryea Farm milk and a home-made lunch at the Hand & Hoe’s weekly cafe. Don’t miss their hand-made gifts and toys, plus books, gems, and other treasures.

You can’t get it any fresher or more local than this! We look forward to seeing you!

The 2018 Pfeiffer Center CSA

The Pfeiffer Center's 2018 CSA offers 23 weekly pickups of our own freshly harvested, biodynamically raised vegetables, herbs and flowers from June 11 through November 12. Pickup is conveniently located on the Threefold Educational Center campus from 3:30 to 6:00pm. At our market-style CSA, shareholders pack their own boxes, choosing from a generous selection from the harvest of the day; a gardener is always on hand to assist and answer questions.

The 2018 CSA is sold out. But there's always next year! To add your name to the 2019 wait list, please email csa@pfeiffercenter.org.

Purchase a Share for a Family in Need

Shares purchased under this plan are allotted to families in need identified through our friends at Helping Hands. Your donation of at least $365 (one-half of the price of a share) will be matched by the Pfeiffer Center so that a family in need can enjoy a season of fresh biodynamic produce.

What Is a CSA?

Community-Supported Agriculture makes a farm’s customers into stakeholders by asking them to purchase the season’s crop long before it is harvested. Introduced to North America by Trauger Groh and other biodynamic farmers in the 1980s, the CSA movement works on the principle that economic activity should serve the needs of the community over the maximization of profit. By integrating farms and communities, CSAs help bring to life the biodynamic and anthroposophical goal of reuniting culture and agriculture. CSA members “meet their farmer” every week, closing the gulf between agricultural producers and consumers that Rudolf Steiner observed in his Agriculture lectures of 1924.